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Our Services

Debco Pharma is a well placed and established firm to offer you with poultry feed supplements in Kolkata for poultry and animals. At Debco Pharma, we have a strong sales force and proper logistic support. The organization has one corporate office in the heart of Kolkata (48C GarchaRoad, Ground Floor, Kolkata – 700019) and two sales depots in Kolkata.

To facilitate prompt logistic services the organization has a centralized warehouse as well
as two transit warehouses. The company is working mainly as a Poultry and Animal Feed
Supplements Distributor
/ super stockiest for feed supplement, vitamins, and amino acids, raw
materials in poultry and livestock segment. It has corporate tie ups with more than 18 reputed companies. The clients are all the reputed integrators, feed manufacturers, dealers in Eastern & North Eastern India as well as its neighboring countries.

Apart from our flagship company we have two more units in the name of SOOZWIN &
COMPANY and EASTERN ORGANICS EASTERN ORGANICS deals withPoultry medicines, soluble products &

Poultry Medicines and vaccines in Kolkata.

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